Income protection

Income Protection Insurance is a long-term insurance policy which is to help you if you are unwell or injured causing you to be unable to work

Why choose
Income Protection Insurance?

The answer to this is simple - peace of mind. Unless you would be able to survive on sick pay, benefits or by support from family, friends or savings then the loss of your income could mean that you struggle to pay your bills,

Income Protection Insurance will replace part of your income and will continue to be paid until you are able to return to work again or you retire. It covers most illnesses that would prevent you from being able to work and you can claim on the policy as many times as you need to

One thing to remember is that there is often a waiting period before the payments start. Most policies will require you to exhaust your sick pay entitlements before making a claim, however if you are self-employed with no sick pay to fall back on then this sort of insurance policy is particularly relevant to you.

How much is
Income Protection Insurance?

This depends upon your policy and your individual circumstances.

The cost can be dependent upon your:

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