Whether you are Ist time buyer, home mover, a landlord or simply need a remortgage we are here to ensure you receive the
best possible outcome based upon your demands and needs. With over 20 years combined experience in the mortgage
sector we provide a seamless straightforward and friendly service as well as using our industry knowledge to help clients
that have previously struggled to get mortgages elsewhere.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Term

Your Financial Adviser will advise you on the best number of years, also known as the term, over which to repay your mortgage. To do this they will take into account your income, expenditure and future plans to ensure that the correct term is selected for today and for your tomorrows.

It is vital the right term is selected for you. A shorter term will mean higher payments but less interest. A longer term will mean lower monthly payments but you will pay more interest back to your mortgage lender.

Your Financial Adviser will also discuss mortgage overpayments and whether this would be possible with the product and lender recommended.

Things to consider:

Lifestyle - a discussion on outgoings
Budget - for monthly mortgage payment
Income -bonus, commission, pay rises
Future plans -what financial commitments may you have in the future
Costs - how much will the mortgage product and advice cost you

Repayment Options

There are two types of mortgages:

1. Repayment
2. Interest Only

Your Financial Adviser will discuss which is the most suitable for you.


Interest Only

Mortgage Products Explained

Your Financial Adviser will explain the different types of mortgage products available and recommend the right product for you based upon your circumstances.

Mortgage products fall into 2 categories:

1. Fixed Rate - a product where the rate is guaranteed and will not change during the fixed period. These are usually 2, 3, 5 or 10 year periods.
2. Variable Rate- where the interest rate can go up or down during the fixed period. These are known as capped, discount or tracker mortgages and usually are for 2,3 or 5 year periods.

Fixed Rate Products



Variable Rate Products

1. Base Rate Tracker



2. Capped

3. Offest

4. Discount