Your Mortgage and
Protection Journey

Your Mortgage and Protection Journey

During your mortgage and protection journey with ABR Mortgage and Protection your Financial Adviser will:

Your decisions
Your mortgage demands and needs
Your protection demands and needs
House hunt
Mortgage Offer
Exchange of Contracts
Move in Day

Key Factors

The advice we give you, and the products we arrange for you must fit your demands and needs. We will therefore discuss and consider all of the below with you before we make any recommendations or progress your application.

Affordability - your Financial Adviser will discuss your income and expenditure, including any regular commitments and additional ad hoc expenses you may incur. This enables us to establish how much you can afford to pay towards a mortgage each month and will make sure our recommendations are affordable now and in the future.

Mortgage term - your Financial Adviser will explain mortgage terms with you to enable you to collectively make a decision about which length of mortgage is best for you based on your demands needs. We will explain the benefits of reducing your mortgage term to save money and pay less interest where possible and affordable to you.

Repayment methods - your Financial Adviser will explain the difference between Repayment mortgages vs Interest Only mortgages and collectively decide which option is most appropriate for you.

Recommending the right product for you - your Financial Adviser will explain the different types of mortgage products available to you and advise which is best for your circumstance. We will explain:

1. Capped mortgages
2. Discount mortgages
3. Offset mortgages
4. Tracker mortgages
5. Fixed mortgages
6. Variable mortgages

Protection - your Financial Adviser will discuss how to protect your new home, your future and your family via the arrangement of insurance policies to ensure you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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